Nightingale Pictures Puts Out APB for ‘Lesbians on Patrol’

LOS ANGELES—Nightingale Pictures is proud to refute the negative stereotypes of the overweight, donut eating flatfoot with the April 12 release of its tribute to law enforcement officers with Lesbians on Patrol.

Lesbians on Patrol features a plethora of sexy girl-loving-girls in a series of vignettes designed to stroke the imagination with several different fantasy scenarios. Capturing the essence of Nightingale Pictures trademark style, the film features top talent, passionate kissing, fun story lines and sex-fueled raw energy.

Lily Cade, fresh off of her directing debut and nomination of Art School Dykes for the Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards, stars as a twisted corrections officer with a penchant for naughty on- the- job behavior. Rifling through the jail cell of hardened prisoner Evilyn Fierce, Lily stumbles upon some hidden contraband that makes this cell sweep an interrogation of the soul and the body.

After a harrowing tour of duty on the graveyard shift, officer Sierra Skye comes home to find Kaci Starr sleeping in her bed, dreaming about having her integrity violated. This lithe cop groupie wakes up quickly and seductively helps Officer Skye off with her clothes so they can engage in some heavy mortal kombat.

Bored on a stakeout, Officewhores CeCe Stone and her partner, Kaiya Lynn, get a bit of bad news from their precinct Captain—looks like they’re  going to be stuck in their squad car for a while casing out some perps. The good news? Well, let’s just say these two horny ladies in blue decide to buff the hood of their police cruiser with some good old-fashion pussy smothering.

The film culminates with a wild, five-girl orgy scene.

Lesbians on Patrol is distributed by Adult Source Media and directed by Lee Roy Myers’ muse, Clarice Mori,

“I wanted to make a movie that was about women having sex with a hint of danger,” Mori said. “What is more dangerous than being a female cop? Maybe being a female prisoner being arrested by a horny female cop. And we’ve got them both. ”

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