Nicolette Shea Goes All In With Brazzers

LOS ANGELES—Even though it’s another sun-kissed, 80-degree morning in the San Fernando Valley, there is nothing ordinary about today’s high-stakes porn shoot.

Not with statuesque Nicolette Shea sitting in the makeup chair of this luxury pad in Tarzana, Calif., and the gorgeous Angela White prancing around outside with a garden hose—butt naked—waiting to get her hands on her.

The dreamy, 5-foot-10 Shea is here for her second career sex scene—her first three-way ever shot on video—that calls for getting soapy and nasty with the Australian sweetheart while they splash down Keiran Lee’s black Porsche sedan. Once they work themselves into a proper lather, that will be Lee’s cue to step in and bang both into submission.

It’s all part of the most anticipated adult film debut in recent memory for the Instagram phenom Shea, a Playboy Cybergirl and sought-after model who has amassed more than 1.2 million followers on the popular platform. The good news for fans is Shea—who is also a badass poker player—is going all in with her leap to porn.

“When I do things I want to go to the top,” Shea tells me with a smile.

As confident as she is sexy, Shea knows her worth. Her decision to do porn was anything but haphazard.

“I’m a huge perfectionist so when I decided to do this I wanted every scene to be the best that it possibly could be because I don’t do anything half-assed,” Shea says. “I knew full well going into this what it was going to require.

“Actually, I took a full year to think about it before I got into the industry. And then I started asking people’s opinions and getting people’s advice on the best way to go about it because if I’m going to do it, then I want to do it the right way.”

A self-professed “freaky” girl intrigued with the idea of going pro, Shea connected with Brazzers contract stud Keiran Lee online through a friend.

A man who was born ready, Lee recognized right away that Shea possessed star qualities—he admits her 34F rack and tremendous bubble butt didn’t hurt either.

So naturally he did the honors of performing in and directing her first sex scene that debuted on Brazzers in early April, amassing more than 700 ‘Likes’—a number unheard of for a brand new girl on Brazzers—in under three days. At press time the scene had skyrocketed to 498,000-plus views and more than 3000 'Likes.'

In hindsight though, Lee says he wasn’t that shocked by the ZZ community’s response because of the way Shea went toe to toe with him on Day One.

“I couldn’t believe it was her first scene,” recalls Lee, the British baller who is the only guy on the planet with his willy insured for a million dollars. He has performed in more than 3500 sex scenes and is also now a seasoned producer/director. “Nicolette is basically the ideal Brazzers girl. Brazzers was built on big boobs and big butts. She’s everything in one girl. It’s like OK, we want the perfect Brazzers girl, here you go and that’s what we got with Nicolette.”

When it came time to schedule Shea’s second scene Lee couldn’t believe his luck when he found out the AVN Award-winning fan favorite Angela White—who is typically booked two months in advance—was available the same day.

“Angela for me is one of the best performers,” Lee tells me. “I thought [Nicolette] could handle it straight away so I thought her and Angela would be great.”

This afternoon’s car wash scenario will land on Brazzers’ sister brand—marking both Shea and White’s first time on the site.

“We’ve done the traditional Brazzers ‘oh my god, caught in the act-type look, so I want to do a gonzo-type car wash with the big boobs because that always does well and Digital Playground isn’t known for shooting that,” Lee reasons.

The day's sexual acrobatics will also help Shea warm up for her planned “Day in the Life” series for Brazzers that will take fans behind the scenes with the friendly blonde beauty. That’s another thing that stands out about Shea—she’s easy to talk to.

“For me I don’t get nervous, but in my head I always think worse-case scenario because you deal with so many pretty girls and some are a bit of a bitch on set,” Lee admits.

“I was a little bit nervous thinking please don’t be like that I’ve got a long day ahead. And she was just laughing and joking from the moment she got there. And after that first scene the office was calling me, ‘OK, how did it go?’ I was like, ‘She’s amazing.’

“Originally we did a nine-scene deal over a two-month period. But after the first scene we said we’re going to extend this. And she’s going to be signing at AVN [in Las Vegas in January] for us.”

Shea tells AVN she’s happy with her choice to sign with MindGeek, which runs some of the biggest studio and pay-site brands in the business, to begin her XXX journey.

“Everyone has treated me so well. I’m just super thankful,” says Shea, a native of Northern California who now resides in Las Vegas. “I’m excited to do more scenes and meet everyone in porn because I don’t know a lot of people and I’m so new.

“I think it’s going to be exciting to get to know everyone and everyone I’ve met so far has been super awesome. I couldn’t ask for better co-workers honestly. I’m also very impressed with Keiran’s team I’ve worked with—the makeup and the hair [by Peggy], the locations, the level of professionalism has been out of control.”

When Shea made up her mind to model, things moved quickly. A fully nude stripper from the time she was 18 who danced in Sacramento, San Francisco, Reno, Nev., Hawaii and Vegas and later moved to New York, Shea says “I was always so adventurous sexually.”

“I don’t let anybody tell me what to do. I never have. I’m very free spirited,” she continues. “So I’ve kind of taken a different path in life. I’ve been able to travel a lot.”

She became part of Playboy’s legendary legacy not long after googling how to become a Playboy Playmate six years ago.

“I was with Jessa Hinton and we went to the Playboy Mansion together and the room that we stayed in was completely covered in Pamela Anderson,” Shea recalls. “Pamela Anderson wallpaper, Pamela Anderson sheets, Pamela Anderson posters, magazines. Even the telephones—Pamela Anderson. It was crazy.

“Her and I shared that room for a week and ordered whatever we wanted. Literally it was 24-hour room service. And we would order brownies and ice cream in the middle of the night. Like at 2 o’clock in the morning the butler would come knocking on the door. It was amazing. I would be so fat if I lived there.”

The Playboy Cybergirl of the Month in October 2011 has been a go-to model for Playboy Plus and still goes back to the Mansion on occasion.

“But the world of Playboy has changed a lot," Shea says. "I’m really a big fan of the circa—from like 1997 to 2002—all of those Playmates during that time. I really love the look of that time. I live for that.

"I love the bleached blonde, big fake tits. Just really hot, sexy. I want to bring that back, but I want to bring it back into the porn world and I want to show that I can be a different look than just the teeny bopper. I want to be like a porn star—a real porn star. I look up to Jenna Jameson. I think that’s like the goal. Because I own it. I own how tall and curvaceous I am.”

No argument here.

“My boobs… I went to Victoria’s Secret and I was able to fit into a 36DDD [bra] but I really think I’m a 34F. So that’s the size, but they don’t have an F at Victoria’s Secret.”

Speaking of ample chests, Angela White’s breasts are a national treasure Down Under, and that isn’t lost on Shea.

“How could you not love those breasts?” Shea asks me. “They’re so jiggly and natural and fun and bouncy.”

Everyone agrees White’s got tits til Tuesday and much more. Keiran Lee and White hooked up in an anal scene for the first time just last week and today marks White’s fifth time on set with him. Their rapport is relaxed and playful.

“He loves to joke and Australians, we have a sense of humor, we can joke about ourselves,” White tells me. “We tease each other. We make fun of each other on set but it’s all jovial. It’s all in good fun and that carries over to the sex as well. We have fun with each other which is great.

“Keiran’s obviously amazing, professional. He’s got it all. So he’s a nice person to be around but when it comes to the actual fucking he gets hard. He stays hard. He fucks. He connects as well which is a big thing for me. I don’t like to just do the positions, that’s not fun for me. That’s not why I got into the industry. I want to have sex with people and I want to connect with people and I want them looking into my eyes just like being there in the moment and Keiran definitely does that. But he’s able to do both. Be professional, get what he wants, get those positions and get what the fans want while still having fun while we’re shooting it.”

White adds, “I’m really excited about this because Nicolette is so new and so gorgeous and being in her first threesome. That’s an honor to be anyone’s first anything and big tits and big asses and water and oil always go really well together so it should be a really popular scene.

“I don’t see how it could go wrong. Her boobs are on a whole other level. Very rarely do I get to be the small-boobed girl on set. But I’m like, yeah OK she’s the Big Titty Queen today. And the big booty, she’s got it all.”

White says Shea’s “niceness” cannot be understated.

“Someone with that kind of image, you often get the sense that they’re going to be you know—she’s fucking hot—she could come in and act really diva-ish but she’s just a really sweet person.”

Indeed, Shea even asked Lee if she could bring a couple pieces of jewelry to wear in today’s scene, including a matching choker necklace she bought for White.

“When the girls meet you know if you’re going to have a good day or not,” notes Lee, who produces 20 scenes a month for Brazzers and another five for Digital Playground while performing in 20 himself. “When they met they were all over each other, more in a laughing, giggly way. Not like a sexual way. They were very complimentary towards each other. You knew it wasn’t fake so you’re like, OK, this is going to be fun.”

Speaking of chemistry, Shea felt it with Lee during their first encounter.

“He’s made it so that I’m super comfortable on every set,” Shea says.

“Now was the time for me to do this and I’ve having a lot of fun with it. And I think everyone has really enjoyed the first scene so I’m really happy about that.

“I’ve always been super sexual but I wanted to be more of an exhibitionist sexually. I really like the cameras and so that was what pushed me forward. It was a natural progression because I’ve always been super into photography and I love doing videos. So I hit a million followers on Instagram and I always do viral videos. I record those with a lot of photographers and travel around doing a lot of different shoots. So it was actually easy for me. I don’t really have to get used to the camera because I love the camera. I’ve worked with the camera for a long time.”

Nowadays, poker is more of a casual hobby but there were years when she was making regular trips to the bank to deposit her winnings.

Shea says she loves the psychological aspect of playing, whether it’s reading other players or considering betting strategies.

“I love the actual thinking about it, the intense kind of mind game that it is because if you really think about it I’m playing you, I’m not playing the cards that you have or the cards that I have,” Shea explains.

“I’m trying to show you that my cards are better than yours by the way that I’m betting. So it’s really interesting, almost communicating without actually having to speak. So from the pre-flop to the flop to the turn to the river everything is a story. So you’re telling a story all along when you’re betting throughout the entire hand essentially. If you’re bluffing it’s whether or not that person is going to believe your story, and if you really have the nuts they could still be calling you down.”

She started playing serious poker almost six years ago before her modeling career really took off.

“Now I just play recreationally when I have time which with my schedule recently I haven’t had a lot of time. But definitely this year I want to do the main event for World Series of Poker,” Shea says. “And the main event is 10 grand but the prize is a couple million. And I always do the ladies’ event, every year. So the ladies’ event is a $1500 buy-in tournament.”

She’s also ready to go deep in porn.

“I’m committed to it,” Shea says. “I had a long time to think about it and I want to really make a brand and a name.”