Nicola Formichetti to Post ‘Erotic Fashion Film’ on

PARIS—In what The New York Times called a “breakthrough event,” Nicola Formichetti, the designer and new creative director for French fashion house Mugler, debuted a women’s wear collection during Paris Fashion Week with a “no-holds-barred spectacular featuring Lady Gaga modeling to ‘Government Hooker,’ a song from her coming album.”

For the imminent Thierry Mugler menswear show, Formichetti is not calling on gal pal Lady Gaga this time, but he’s succeeded in garnering beaucoup attention nonetheless with the news that he’s made a two-part video that promises to be so provocative that the really naughty version (i.e. uncensored) will be posted to XTube. Now that’s what we mean by naughty.

“Titled Brothers of Arcadia and inspired by Greek gods, the two-part series was directed by Branislav Jankic and features music by Brooklyn-based Jessica 6, whose front woman makes an appearance in the vid,” reported

According to Formichetti, the series not only does not shy away from the fashion world’s dirty-little-secret association with pornography, and in fact embraces it literally on XTube.

“I was interested in the idea of fantasy, dreams and voyeurism,” Formichetti said, of Arcadia. “I was looking at Italian Neo-Realist cinema and then, post-that, where Fellini and Pasolini become more about myth and fantasy. At the same time, I loved the idea and accessibility of pornography and everyday voyeurism on Xtube. Fashion is always referencing pornography, so there was an element in doing this film of just ‘cutting out the middleman,’ but it is an erotic fashion film nonetheless.”

Perez Hilton has posted a SFW teaser video of Brothers of Arcadia ­on The NSFW full-length versions are scheduled to be posted to XTube Thursday, the day after the show.

Photo: A still from Brothers of Arcadia, courtesy of Mugler