Nicki Hunter Re-Admitted to Hospital received an e-mailed statement today from performer Nicki Hunter's husband and business partner, Josh Hunter, explaining that she had been re-admitted to the hospital Sunday for observation. As reported last week, Nicki was recently diagnosed with a complex cancer of the lymph system, which has prompted large segments of the adult community to leap into action with fundraising efforts.

Below is the complete text of Josh Hunter's letter:

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Nicki's condition. She was home for a few days, but had to return to the hospital Sunday the 4th due to a mild fever that, with her weakened immune system, could have turned serious. Physically, she's as fine as can be expected, but she is terribly homesick and really misses our children since they are not permitted in the I.C.U. And, to compound the situation, I am now working twice as much to make up for her lack of income. But despite the homesickness and the physical discomfort, my Nicki is just as tough as ever. She is totally dedicated to kicking this cancer's ass and training horses again within the year.  

She and I are both deeply moved by the number of people who have offered their support in any way they can. We are aware of a few people planning fundraisers to help with the financial burden this has placed on us. I am not personally involved in any of these events at this time, but there are several people that Nicki and I trust completely to make sure the money actually gets to Nicki's bills. To anyone looking for a way to contribute, I would ask that you CALL ME BEFORE YOU GIVE ANYONE MONEY!!! I hate to have to say it, but experience has taught me that there are a lot of snakes in our industry who would take advantage of my wife's illness to make some extra money for themselves. And you have my word that any money we receive through these means will go to legitimate bills only. The first time we were asked about fundraisers, Nicki and I promised each other we would not misuse one dime of your money. But, honestly, the best way to help without having to worry about that kind of thing would be to hire us. Nicki and I do our own lighting, video, stills, editing and makeup. And we really are good at our jobs. Given the option, I would much rather work seven days a week than take money from charities, but I love my wife. Nicki has been my best friend since we were children. February 23rd will be our 10th anniversary, and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure she's here for our 20th. Thank you all.

Josh Hunter


[email protected]  

Also spearheading fundraising efforts, with the Hunters' blessing, is De'Bella, who can be contacted at 818.825.5462 or [email protected]