Nick Manning Documentary Seeks Finishing Funds

LOS ANGELES—Cryptic Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds to finish its mainstream documentary, Hung, Hard & High: The Nick Manning Story.

The film is a year-long journey centered around one of adult film’s most famous male stars and one of its most outspoken. The documentary takes an intimate look into Manning's everyday living and focuses on his primary conflict in life: a prolific career in porn versus his deep-rooted love of God and Jesus.

Because of his appearances on The Howard Stern Show, most people know Manning based solely on his famous catch phrase—"Droppin’ loads!"—yet few really know the man behind the phrase, according to the filmmakers.

As the viewers learn, Manning is anything but typical, and Hung, Hard & High gives the audience unprecedented access into the mind behind the man who wants nothing less than to be known as the greatest male porn star in history ... followed by eternity in heaven.

“Nick is, without question, the most fascinating human being I’ve ever met,” said Jeff Carlson, the documentary’s director and producer. “Nick, the porn star, is interesting enough; but when you discover his passion for the Bible and listen to blunt assessments of his own life and the world around him, he becomes mesmerizing.”

The trailer for the film can be viewed on its Kickstarter page. Like many Kickstarter projects there are numerous levels of funding and backers can receive anything from a personal "Thank You" video from Manning to an executive producer credit, and more.

The filmmakers have posted a detailed budget breakdown of where pledged funds will go if the Kickstarter campaign is successful. At press time more than $7,200 has been raised. The project ends Aug. 19 at 11:37 a.m. EDT.

Intelligent, articulate and self-aware, Manning was admitted to Harvard; worked on Wall Street; and has been a fitness model and a semi-pro baseball player. He also spent time in a psych ward, is frequently hilarious and always entertaining.

In addition to pledging funds, adult industry members are encouraged to be part of the documentary. If you have a story, anecdote, or anything else to say about Manning, positive or negative, contact the filmmakers at for an on-camera interview.

One of the packages allows fans to tell their favorite Manning story, and those stories will be included in the Bonus Footage of the DVD.

“We wanted to give diehard fans that back the film the opportunity to be a part of the documentary," Carlson said. "And we welcome Nick’s fans being a part of this film."

The flagship reward is a limited collector’s edition DVD of the documentary. This version will contain footage not included in the standard release DVD, nor any other future versions.

“We’re printing only enough copies to give to our Kickstarter patrons, as well as cast and crew, as our way of eternal thanks for helping us share Nick’s story with the world,” Carlson said.

Follow the documentary's progress on Twitter, Facebook and Manning's website.

For more information about the project, contact Carlson at