Nick Manning Claims Censorship Behind Adult Store Eviction

ENCINO, Calif. – Male performer Nick Manning's new lingerie store, LA Exotique, is facing eviction from the landlord, despite being paid in full on rent. The shop — which is owned by Manning, Michelle McLaren, Rachel Roxxx, Sarah Jesse, Mikey Butders, Justin Syder and Dean Sussman, Manning's longtime adult distribution partner — opened three weeks ago in Encino.

The move to evict the store comes after lengthy cooperation and legal compliance adhered to, in order to move in. Over $90,000 was paid to the landlord, Ventura-Louise LLC, in advance of the move.

“Dean Sussman has put in a remarkable effort to open LA Exotique,” explained Manning. “He carefully met with the zoning executives and it was determined that we were a lingerie store and not even classified as an adult bookstore. We have diligently adhered to the guidelines provided to us by the zoning board.”

Sussman said the store has been inundated with threatening phone calls from attorneys and individuals impersonating police and city councilmen.

Manning's lease allows him the opportunity to sublease the unused portion of LA Exotique. Adding insult to injury, Ventura-Louise LLC has rejected every potential tenant Nick Manning has submitted.

According to Manning, business has been excellent, but the harassment is wearing on his nerves. “It's obvious that they are just making life difficult because I'm an adult film star. I vow to fight this censorship, keep my store open, and adhere to the business plan that we shared with everyone involved prior to opening our store.”

On Thursday, Manning will appear on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio to discuss the situation, in support of the shop.