NicheBucks Unveils Version 3.0

Niche affiliate program NicheBucks has announced the release of NicheBucks 3.0, the culmination of major upgrades months in the making.

From the new look, created in conjunction with the award-winning team at Dickman’s Design, to the new stats back end, NicheBucks has made improvements on all fronts to the program.

NicheBucks has also added a variety of new promotional tools, including a major expansion of the hosted gallery selection, new tours for each site, and a pay-per-sign-up option.

“We’ve always been successful retaining members and building strong brand equity for our sites,” says Gavin Lloyd, president of NicheBucks. “Now our goal is to build on that success by reaching out more to the webmaster affiliate community. Now that we have a competitive affiliate software platform in place, we can take the next step.”

According to industry veteran Quentin Boyer, whom NicheBucks retained for consulting during the upgrade process, “The upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 is among the most comprehensive I’ve seen in eight years of working in the affiliate marketing space. I’m extremely impressed with all the work that has been done, from the sleek new front-side designs to the potent new stats on the back end.”