Nica Noelle Announces New Studio Co-Venture With AEBN

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Big news today from one of the biggest names in couples-friendly erotica: Award-winning director Nica Noelle, creator of top-selling studios Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner Films and Sweet Sinema Films, has parted ways with former parent company Mile High Media and signed a new deal with adult VOD site AEBN.

Noelle will begin production in November for new girl/girl studio Candy Girl Films and feature studio Hard Candy Films, which will retail in stores and VOD by January 2012.

“Candy Girl and Hard Candy Films will feature everything my fans have come to expect from my movies: forbidden love, strong storylines and passionate, realistic sex scenes,” Noelle said emphatically. "I am still the same filmmaker."

The difference, she says, is in ownership of her product, and in new creative freedoms and opportunities.

“Now, I can give fans even more of what they want,” Noelle explains. “Ownership [of the studios] means I have the freedom to meet my fans’ evolving needs.”

That will include, says Noelle, "even more realistic sex scenes, and more emotional content. More of everything that sets my films apart from 'cookie cutter' porn."

Noelle chose AEBN for a partnership, she says, because of the VOD site’s history of success with her product, and their “deep understanding” of her philosophy.

"Nica is a phenomenal talent, so we had to jump at the chance to work with her,” said AEBN vice president Jerry Anders.

“Being a minute-based VOD company, she is the perfect partner because she keeps the viewer engaged with her stories and passionate sex for the entire length of her movies.

“We are all very happy to be working with her,” Anders added.

Noelle’s commitment to her fans, she says, will remain her first priority.

“I talk to them online every day, so I know what they want to see, and what they still can’t find,” Noelle explains. “And now, more than ever before, I can give it to them.”

And right out of the gate, it’s clear that Noelle is preparing to wow those fans with her new endeavor. Toward that end she has lured some talented collaborators.

Award-winning adult helmsman Mike Quasar will join forces with Noelle as her co-director and second cameraman for both new studios.

A longtime exclusive director for Zero Tolerance, Quasar is selective in choosing outside projects.

“I have been stalking Mike Quasar for a long time,” joked Noelle. “I’m a huge fan of his work, and it’s been a dream of mine to collaborate with him—especially on an all-girl line.”

His collaboration with Noelle, Quasar said, is an opportunity to expand creatively and explore new erotic themes.

"Nica has accomplished so much in such a short period of time," Quasar said. "I don't think I've ever met anyone whose standards are so high.

"I am very excited and inspired to be working with her and I'm flattered that she wanted me to be a part of this new venture," he added.

“I feel very lucky to have Mike’s talent, experience and technical skill on board,” Noelle said. “Not to mention that he’s one of the funniest, most genuine people I know.”

Noelle also will be working with photographer Joshua Darling, founder of Darling will exclusively provide still photos for both newly formed studios.

“Josh Darling is one of the most gifted erotic photographers working today,” Noelle enthused. “I am beyond thrilled that he’s agreed to be my exclusive stills photographer.”

“I'm immensely proud and excited to be joining Nica Noelle's new studios Candy Girl Films and Hard Candy Films,” Darling said. “Our teaming is a happy day for me.”

A longtime fan of Darling’s work, Noelle says it was upon viewing the photographer’s stills for Sweetheart Video’s My Sister Celine that she realized his unique vision could "foster a higher standard in pornographic stills photography."

“Josh finds and captures both the emotional and sexual truth in his subjects,” Noelle explained. “I seek to do the same with my movies, so we felt destined to collaborate.”

Darling agreed that Noelle’s philosophy mirrors his own.

“Nica's pornography is distinguished by a compassionate connection to her characters, stories and audience,” Darling says.

“This, coupled with my own interest in emotionally rich, erotic narrative, makes us a perfect match.”

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