NextWeb Signs With ARS

Pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network Advertising Revenue Service(ARS) announced that online health supplement provider NextWeb Media has signed on as a program advertiser. Next Web Media is a leading online supplier of Direct Response Products. 

“They is a great addition to our roster of pay-for-performance advertisers,”

said Matt Borgman, director of advertising services. “NextWeb heard of us through our numerous adult and non adult advertisement spots on several different sites. They contacted us, we worked a deal that will benefit our Publishers, NextWeb Media, and ARS.”

To kick start publisher sales, NextWeb has introduced a promotion that offers surfers a free sample of Maxicor, plus a free annual premium magazine subscription of their choice. Maxicor for men is a safe, herbal compound that expands blood vessels and increases blood flow to specific parts of the male body.

 “The market is exploding for men’s sexual enhancement supplements, and Maxicor is at the top of this game,” Borgman told “I see publishers promoting Maxicor alongside their adult and mainstream content and getting nice revenue pops just in time for the holidays. NextWeb Media will be offering ARS publishers the opportunity to promote and profit from sales of Maxicor, as publishers receive $15 for each sale.

“NextWeb is committed to supporting Maxicor with promotions that convert surfers into buyers,” said Jonathan Rykman, NextWeb’s media buyer. “Right now, we are giving away a free magazine subscription with every trial purchase, which is proving to be a real deal closer.  Factor in our customer-retention strategies and it’s a sure bet that the majority of our first-time users will become repeat buyers.”

“I expect a lot of signups and some happy Publishers and Advertisers,” added Borgman.