New Wheels Add to Jack Lawrence's Arresting Performances

LOS ANGELES—When it comes to getting an edge over competing performers for roles, there are many things an adult actor can do. Cosmetic enhancements and gym workouts certainly help. But Jack Lawrence undertook a different kind of makeover: He refurbished a police car.

Now, when directors hire Lawrence to portray a cop—something he’s done in more than 200 movies—the veteran adult performer can bring his own wheels.

The black-and-white Ford Crown Victoria has working sirens and looks just like the real thing from the inside out. Lawrence told AVN that he purchased the car with the intention of giving something back to the industry. The vehicle has already been used in at least four different shoots.

“I was complaining that there’s not much work any more, and my mentor told me, ‘Don’t wish for more wind—build a bigger sail,’” said Lawrence, who is in his eighth year in adult with 762 movie credits on his résumé.

“So I did Botox, hit the gym harder and started working on my career. I’ve done probably 200 shoots as a police officer, so I thought heck, if I did this that’d give me some work. It usually costs $600 a day to rent a police car. I thought, ‘Why not acquire one and spend my time and energy working on it, and producers can get it from me for good prices?’ I put the labor in to have something I can bring to set and increase everyone’s production value.”

When Lawrence bought the car it only had a spotlight and a cage.

“All the lighting and the other stuff I did from scratch,” he said.

In a YouTube video, Lawrence explains all the features on the vehicle, including eight-way strobes, an operational siren, spotlights, operational radar, dashboard lights and a full cage. He can transform the car in a matter of minutes by placing a “Sheriff” sticker on the bumper, a K9 sticker, or switching out the division and group numbers on the trunk and roof. In the front seat he even has an authentic ticket book and police computer.

“I think one of the main purposes of porn is to create a fantasy, and one of the most important parts of fantasy is to suspend disbelief for as long as possible,” he said.

Lawrence’s clean-cut, muscular appearance helps him inhabit the many cop roles that come his way—such as a scene in Tom Byron Pictures’ All Natural Nurses where Lawrence gets to nail Sara Stone while on the job.

Lawrence has also worked the goofiest end of the law enforcement spectrum, doing a spot-on impersonation of the micro-shorts-wearing Lt. Dangle in New Sensations’ Reno 911 XXX.

More recently Lawrence wrapped Hustler's This Ain't Cops XXX, and he’ll be donning a uniform in at least six more productions this summer.

“I’m getting paid to do something that’s really fun,” Lawrence says. “And in these times I feel you have to give something back to the industry. You can’t just sit there and just expect a check without doing something.”

A native of Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area, Lawrence is also the most prolific parody actor in the business, with 24 credits, including the Professor in This Ain’t Gilligan’s Island XXX and Ralph Malph in This Ain’t Happy Days XXX, both from Hustler.

“I got into the porn but after a couple years I found out I enjoyed the acting aspect. I guess I just have a bland face that makes me look like a lot of different people," Lawrence said. "And I don’t take myself seriously."

When he’s not impersonating a peace officer, Lawrence guest lectures for a human sexuality class at College of the Canyons taught by Michelle Labrie, a professor of psychology. Lawrence talks to the students about prostitution and pornography.

The veteran stud is also the national spokesman for Elevate Male Enhancement System.

To inquire about his squad car, contact him at [email protected]