New ‘Sugar Daddy’ Billboard Targets Coeds Returning to School

LOS ANGELES— has once again brought its "sugar daddy" marketing message to the doorstep of UCLA in an unabashed attempt to attract coeds into using the service that hooks up cash-strapped youngsters (average age: 22) with lonely (i.e. horny) sugar daddies.

Qualifications are pretty elementary: “Do you have strong oral skills,” asks the billboard. “We’ve got a job for you.”

Bree Olsen is still featured on the billboard, just as she was a few months ago when one went up at Santa Monica Boulevard and Overland Avenue that targeted college students headed off to summer vacation with the words, “Need a summer job? Date a sugar daddy.”

The placement of this newest one near Pico and Gateway Boulevards is intended to snag coeds returning to school, or as a company spokesperson put it in a statement, "After three months of hanging out by the beach and taking it easy, we want to remind female students they have other options in life besides just hard work." billboards are not limited to Los Angeles, of course, but can be found throughout the country, including in the South, where the same message targeting college students raised a few eyebrows but did not result in the billboard being removed.  

According to HuffPo, "Arrangement Finders, owned by the same company that runs the $90-million cheating website, Ashley Madison, specifically targets college students who may have student loans or difficulty kick-starting their career during a struggling economy."