New Seymore Butts Reality Show to Shoot at PSK Tonight

BURBANK, Calif. — Seymore Butts is shooting footage tonight at Porn Star Karaoke for a reality TV pilot about a girl band called Daddy's Girls.

Daddy's Girls is a sister duo backed by hip-hop artists Nas and Kelis, and Butts is an executive producer of the show, which follows the sisters and their three best friends on the road to recording fame. And two of those friends happen to be Butts' significant other, Mari Possa, and her sister, Wendy.

"It's a show about five girls, all lifelong friends," Butts told AVN. "January and Monique [the members of Daddy's Girls] are two hot blonde girls that are being mentored into the hip-hop music scene by Kelis and Nas. And Mari's deal is that she's basically retired from the industry, and she is dealing with fighting, in a sense, the domestication process. She misses the attention, but she's got a family, me and an 11-year-old boy, to take care of, and it's kind of a tug of war.

"Wendy is kind of the glue of the group, and she is also dealing with a lot of things that normal people are dealing with right now, like foreclosure on her home," Butts continued. "And then there's one other girl named Shauna Jordan who's an aspiring Playboy model, that's her dream. And right now, she's a Lykette [promotional models for "The Tom Leykis Show"]."

Though the three other friends are not part of the Daddy's Girls act, Butts said that Possa and her sister are "trying their hand at writing songs for the girls."

The pilot for the Daddy's Girls show has been in production for about two weeks, and while it has not yet found a broadcast outlet, Butts told AVN that music channels have expressed interest.

For tonight's taping, Butts said, "We'd love to have any of the girls from the industry, or any performers from the industry come on down and have some fun with us."

Sardo's is located at 259 N. Pass Ave. in Burbank. Doors open at 9 p.m. For more on Daddy's Girls, see the band's MySpace page at