New Sensations Signs Sadie West to Exclusive Contract

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - New Sensations has signed 20-year-old IT Models discovery Sadie West to an exclusive performing contract. She joins New Sensations exclusive Ashlynn Brooke on the company roster.

"This is a rarity for New Sensations," company president Scott Taylor told AVN. "We've never had two contract girls at the same time, and for a long time, I swore off contract girls altogether. But Ashlynn has been so wonderful for the company, and such a pleasure to work with - and Sadie is outstanding. She's the yin to Ashlynn's yang, the brunette and the blonde."

Sadie spoke to AVN last week on the set of New Sensations' big-budget XXX feature Hearts and Minds 2: Modern Warfare, starring Ashlynn Brooke and directed by Andre Madness.

"I was working as a stripper before entering the adult business," Sadie told AVN. "I was doing private shows and bachelor parties in San Diego. Travis Nestor, my agent at IT Models, found me on the Web. He called me a few times, but I held back for a while on behalf of my family. But after a while, I thought, 'Fuck that. It's time for me to do what I want.' I wasn't seeking fame, but I guess that just happens."

Sadie was flooded with booking offers from adult video producers as soon as her photos went up on New Sensations landed her first scenes and quickly signed her as an exclusive.

"I did my photos for the IT Models Web site and I didn't really know what to expect," she said. "But I guess I was getting a lot of people wanting to book me. New Sensations met with me and wanted to sign me, so Travis had to keep making up excuses to tell the other companies that wanted to hire me."

Taylor told AVN that he signed Sadie to a month-long exclusive deal before signing the full contract.

"Sadie's scenes are amazing," he said. "We've got her in our big movie of the year [Hearts and Minds 2] and I think it's going to be great."

So far, Sadie has done a girl/girl scene with It Models' Kirra Lynne, a solo routine and three boy/girl scenes - all of them for New Sensations.

"My first boy/girl was with Anthony Rosano," Sadie told AVN. "I love that guy. If I have any say as to who I work with going forward, it's going to be him. He's very sensual like me. Our scene began with me in the bathroom smelling his shirt, missing him. Then he walked in, saw me sniffing his shirt, lifted me onto the bathroom counter and started eating my pussy. Then we moved into the bedroom where he fucked me really good."

As she spoke to AVN, Sadie was getting ready to perform a scene with Jack Lawrence for Hearts and Minds 2.

"We'll be working in the garage, fucking on a car," she said. "I've fucked in a car, but never on a car. He's a really intelligent guy, and that turns me on. He's had a lot of experience in his lifetime and that's also a turn-on."

Sadie told AVN her experience breaking into porn has been a good one. 

"I like to work in this industry because I find it very sexy," she said. "I like to make my scenes as sensual as possible. I try to make a connection with everyone I work with - that way it's natural. I love it. For the first time in my life I can say that I enjoy my job. People always say, find a job you like, so later on down the road you can enjoy your life. Well, guess what? I found it! This job is sexy, exciting and I'm definitely okay with it."