New Releases Now Available on XRentDVD Preferred

Adult DVD and rental site will make the newest additions of adult DVDs available to XRentDVD preferred members, general manager Vincent Sorvino announced.

Prior to this policy change, XRentDVD preferred customers needed to wait 30 days until a new release was available for the monthly subscription plan. Now, Preferred Members can rent the newest adult DVDs the day they are released.

“Providing the newest releases to our subscription customers ensures they will enjoy not only the widest selection of adult DVDs, but also for a flat monthly rate,” says Sorvino. “We will continue to offer adult DVDs for rent on a weekly basis for those customers that prefer to rent without a monthly subscription. The latest change to our preferred rental program, along with the opportunity to buy new and used adult DVDs, makes XRentDVD a one-stop-shop for adult DVDs from the greatest classics to the hottest new releases.”

XRentDVD routinely brings in more than 500 new titles a month and buys a large quantity of the titles that are extremely popular. XRentDVD preferred customers should see immediate results with availability of all titles usually on the day they are released by the studios.

“We just eclipsed the 24,000 title mark in December and we continue to lead our competitors in offering the largest adult DVD rental inventory,” Sorvino says. “XRentDVD preferred customers have always enjoyed our top-notch customer service, wide selection, and great prices, and will now have access to the newest releases the day they hit our shelves.”