New John T. Bone Feature,<i> Domina</i>, Released This Week

Domina, The John T. Bone Company’s latest release, features a cast of twenty-five Brazilian performers with sex scenes that take advantage of Brazil’s exotic landscape.

The strength of the dollar in Brazil allowed Bone to create big-budget features for a fraction of the cost. Bone took a one-year hiatus in 2002 and returned from Brazil last year with seven features in the can. Domina is the third release from that collection.

Domina is the story of a secret place where girlfriends become amazing lovers. The women go in somewhat naïve, and exit amazing lovers.

“I like to show beautiful, sensuous ladies in sexy and provocative outfits,” Bone said. “I also like to make movies that display human sexuality in a raw and unique point of view”

One of the women in the video is Chris Bel, whom Bone states in Brazil’s number one porn star.

Domina is available in both DVD and VHS formats. The John T. Bone Company is distributed by New Sensations.