New Industry HIV Case Already Under AIM's Control

PORN VALLEY — According to a statement just released by Dr. Sharon Mitchell, founder of the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Healthcare Foundation, one female performer has recently tested positive for the HIV virus, but because of AIM's existing protocols, the infected person and all who have worked with her have been quarantined.

"There has been misinformation posted on the boards regarding a person testing positive for HIV," Dr. Mitchell said in a press release. "There has been a person who has tested positive. There were exceptionally few partners, inside and outside the industry. All partners are currently testing negative and in adult employment quarantine. All required reporting has been complied with, as have the AIM and industry protocols. The investigation is ongoing. This is not a major event."

When pressed for further information, Mitchell said that she was unable to provide details due to confidentiality issues.

"We recently changed our policies because if there isn't a widespread danger – if someone isn't completely virulent and hasn't worked and there aren't a lot of people at risk, we don't put a quote out there; just blankets: Everyone should come in and test," Mitchell told AVN. "Because we had a lawsuit behind that, and it was just a problem with the health department, and OSHA has never been off the industry's back since then,  what we do is just handle everything privately unless there's a widespread problem."

Mitchell did say that although the actress was not new to the industry, she was someone who worked very infrequently.

"There were just not a lot of people involved, not a lot of people at risk, and all that have been, have been testing negative," she confirmed. "If it were something I could talk about, I would."

AIM is the primary provider of HIV and STI testing for the adult industry, and has been performing such testing for over 10 years.