New Cushion Designed for Better Penetration

Richard Moody was inspired by the new love of his life to invent the Little Deeper, a cushion developed to provide a way for people to assume certain positions designed for easier and deeper penetration.

“She was about 30 or 40 pounds and there was a huge height difference,” Moody told “It was difficult for us to comfortably make love so I went to store and bought some foam and made the first Little Deeper. It enhanced our lovemaking so much that I figured gosh, this will work, people will buy this.”

Moody says Little Deeper, made of high-density polyurethane foam, is a great accessory for missionary, anal and even oral sex because of the angle of access provided the cushion.

“It lifts the person on bottom so that the person on top a better angle as providing a person on top. It’s also great for anal sex – if that’s what you are into you know it s always difficult to establish the proper angle,” he said.

Little Deeper comes with a zippered cotton cover that can be easily removed for washing after use. The one-size-fits-all item is 21 inches wide and 23 inches long and 7 inches high at it’s highest point.

While Moody has been selling Little Dipper direct to consumers for the last 90-days, he’s ready to sell to distributors. Each Little Deeper has a SRP of $69.69.

For more info on Little Deeper, visit or call 808-342-9192.