New Bedroom Accessorry Offers Storable Leverage

After hearing his girlfriend complain that her legs were getting too tired during sex, and that she would enjoy sex more if she could have some leverage to help her make better use of her clit, Jordan O. Man stepped up to the plate – or in this case stepped down the basement where he had his workshop and designed the prototype of the Bonk’er, a new adult novelty that Man claims takes care of his girlfriend’s complaints.

“She had an amazing orgasm the first time we used it and I knew that I was onto something,” Man told

Man’s only other invention to date was a three-funnel beer bong that never really got off the ground, but convinced that the Bonk’er was a sure thing he decided to form Bonk Designs, the company that designs and markets Bonk’ers and related products.

“It’s a full time business now, this business. You know, I’m actually selling to the ‘love hotels’ in Japan and Mexico already and some other distributors around the world,” Man said.

Within a month of conceiving the idea, Jordan had tweaked out the design and found a manufacturer to make the sets that include: two bases, two arms, two leather straps, and two nylon/foam handles. Sets are available in red, white and black colors.

The set is built in a manner that lends itself to easy assembly and storage, breaking down to fit in spaces less than four-inches wide.

The arms are shaped like a shepherd’s cane that when put together resemble a heart, and are made out of steel.

After the Bonk’er is assembled, the bases are placed underneath a bed mattress to stabilize the device – then its ready for use.

Man debuted Bonk’er at AEE this past January. “All the strippers and porn stars and models would come in and jump on the bed, and everyone’s laughing, having a good time,” Man said. “I had banks of photographers blocking the entire way so no one could get through.”

Man points out that the Bonk’er isn’t just to help women rest their legs and use their clits, nor is it just for kinky sex.

“You can use this for the elderly who have bad back problems. You can use this to get more comfort for that. You can use it for people who are having pregnant sex, because she can get into a position so the baby isn’t getting intruded upon,” Man said.

The current SRP is $229 per set. “I’ve been trying to get my pricing lowered because I’m actually manufacturing here in Los Angeles. I’m looking to find some cheaper ways to bring my price down so distributors and retailers can get a better price and get it out to the public,” Man said.

Man has two other versions of Bonk’er on the way: Extreme Bonk’er, a larger version of the original, and Bonk’im, designed to give men leverage and stability. He intends to develop a line of Bonkum branded jewelry, lingerie, and apparel in the near future.

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