New Adult Ad Network Offers Guaranteed Payouts

New adult ad network has announced the opening of its network for adult webmasters and those looking to advertise on adult sites, with the promise of guaranteed payouts.

Bucking the adult industry standard of pay-per-sale or -action, Adult AdWorld will pay webmasters guaranteed revenue per thousand impressions served.

During the launch phase, Adult AdWorld will be signing up adult websites as publishers in their network to provide the ad inventory to fill advertisers’ orders. Webmasters will be able to sign up for the program for free and place ad code on their pages to begin earning revenue for each impression. Advertisers may contact Adult AdWorld about purchasing ad space via the website as well.

“Traditionally, adult webmasters have been excluded from mainstream ad networks that pay guaranteed revenue per impressions, and have been relegated to taking on all the risk from pay-per-sale-only programs,” says Sarah Taylor, co-founder of Adult AdWorld. “We are offering them the opportunity to sell their quality ad inventory to advertisers looking for their demographic.”

Any webmaster can sign up for Adult AdWorld’s program and, pending approval, will be able to begin earning guaranteed revenue. There are no minimum impression levels or exclusivity clauses. Sites may run only Adult AdWorld advertisements or they may use the program to supplement their affiliate and sponsorship revenue. Only legitimate sites and inventory will be approved, and sites will be monitored for multiple exit pops, hit bots, and other potentially fraudulent activity.