Nevermind the Bullocks, Here’s Rob Rotten

After taking a year off to race motorcycles competitively, punk auteur Rob Rotten is back to reclaim his title as porn's primary producer of punk-flavored filth. Having stained the industry with such Metro-distributed titles as Porn of the Dead, Scurvy Girls, and Fuck the System, Rotten returns this May to shoot the refreshingly repugnant blow job title, Swallow My Children.

"I shot a lot of movies for Metro, VCA, and Hustler last year," sneered Rotten, "So, I took some time off to let my titles hit the shelf. A lot of my movies are different and weird. I try to make them cult classics. I didn't want to blow out ten Rob Rotten movies a month. They wouldn't be cool anymore. They'd lose the appeal."

Rotten, who is now free of all contractual obligations with Metro, feels rejuvenated by his porn hiatus. "A lot of things have changed for me," Rotten spat. "I'm no longer under contract. I can shoot what I want to shoot when I want to shoot it. The ability to have creative freedom and the freedom of schedule too is priceless. I'm really stoked about that. I'm eager to get back to shooting."

Rotten continues to have a good working relationship with Metro, which will release Swallow My Children this summer. "Christian Mann is a great guy. I think he's made amazing changes and improvements for that company," Rotten snorted. "I'm really happy that he's there. We share the same sense of humor. Granted, I think I'm funnier than him."  

When asked about his knack for family friendly titles, Rotten spewed, "Titles are my favorite thing in the world. They're just as important as good camera work. I come up with them randomly. It's actually how I write the movies. I come up with a funny title and color in the movie off the title."

Rotten plans to shoot Porn of the Dead 2 and Fuck the System 2 later in the year. The punk-nacious director will also be performing this year. "I'm gonna start performing again because it's fun and I miss it," he shrugged. "And, there are all these new chicks out there! Why not give it another try?"

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