Never-Before-Published Photos From Carlos Batts Now Available On The Click

LOS ANGELES—While many people in adult know photographer and director Carlos Batts for his work in this realm, others are aware of his efforts to chronicle the music world via photographs.

Now, The Click—the blog site of Glitterati Incorporated—has released never-before-published photographs from Batts’ archive titled In The Pit.

The photographs are accompanied by an essay written by Sara Rosen, who discusses Batts’ foray into music photography in 1989.

“Just 16 at the time, his destiny was clear. He was going to photograph the artists, the bands, the fans, the stage. He was going for his and it was going down, and for the next two and a half decades, Batts made his way through a little corner of the world that resonates and reverberates in the roots, in the tree, and in the leaves, AfroPunk. Where it all began,” the essay reads.

April Flores, Batts’ widow and his muse for his work in adult, said she is pleased with Batts’ work and memory being remembered.

The piece features several of Batts’ photographs as well as quotes from his time spent chronicling live music events.

“The beauty of photography is its ability to make the ephemeral eternal, taking but a fraction of time and extending it into the present, indefinitely, so long as the image is alive. For it lives, and it breathes, in each of us. And it is in this way that Carlos Batts is forever. CBATTSFLY,” the essay reads.

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