NBC’s Dateline Crashes Internext

Okay, John Hockenberry, the Dateline journalist cruising the Internext show floor yesterday and checking out the seminars didn’t exactly crash the show, but he didn’t use his real name when registering either. Instead, he signed in as “Julie’s Friend”. Sounds like he meant to go undercover. Busted!

We also heard that he was shooting hidden video, though of what I can’t imagine. I never followed up about the hidden camera - but take a close look at the bridge of his glasses...

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A normal bridge?

I couldn’t let him think he was getting away with anything, so I had my photographer take a few candid photos of him as he posed with a couple of floor models, and then I pounced. I asked him if he was in fact a Dateline reporter, and his face fell a little, but being the consummate professional he immediately gained composure and admitted that indeed he was scouting the show for a possible Dateline piece on the industry.

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Dateline's Hockenberry gets the royal

treatment from some Internext honeys

To be fair, the fellow seemed to be truly interested in developing a good story about the biz, but also seemed rather perplexed as to how to proceed and what areas to focus in on. I offered my help and gave him my card. If anyone else has any valuable advice for the fellow, hit him up at NBC’s Dateline. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!