Navy Seals Fly The Flag For Taylor Wane

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — A Navy Seals platoon stationed in Iraq flew the American flag for 24 hours in honor of AVN Hall of Famer Taylor Wane, as thanks for autographed pictures and correspondence she's sent them.

The flag was subsequently sent to Wane in a cherry wood frame, complete with a Flag Citation declaring her a hero. The platoon voted on a list of people to be honored, which usually only includes family members and other service members, and Wane made the list along with Kevin Costner and Tiger Woods.

In their thanks to Wane, the Seals noted that though providing them with "motivational material" might not seem like much to her, it was more than others had given them, and they most admired the fact that she came through on her word to deliver it.

"I hardly consider myself a hero for helping support the morale of our troops who are in harm's way fighting to preserve our freedom," said Wane. "The men and women who are sacrificing so much are truly the only heroes in my book, and not a day goes by without me wishing I could do more to raise awareness of the American people as to just how important these heroes are in preserving our American way of life."

As a means of further support, Wane and her husband, Laurien, created a 16x20 poster (pictured) of her in authentic Navy Seal combat gear that will be sent to the Seals and offered to fans for a minimum $15.00 donation to be passed along to the Disabled American Veterans foundation. The combat gear will be auctioned off, as well, to raise money for the cause, and autographed posters can be ordered directly from

"Of all my life's accomplishments — which pale in comparison to what the Seals do on a daily basis — I have never been so honored with something that means so much to me personally," Wane said, "It is truly a humbling experience. Navy Seals rock!"

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