Nautica Thorn Productions Does Deal with Hustler Video

Nautica Thorn Productions has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Hustler Video. The contract calls for Thorn’s company to deliver four movies in a one-year period with an option to renew at the end of that term.

Thorn officially sealed the deal with Larry Flynt’s video division on Wednesday at the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo, where she spent a busy day signing at the Hustler booth and raising breast cancer awareness funds for B.A.B.E.

“I created Nautica Thorn Productions so I can finally make movies that I would want to watch,” the popular adult actress told “The first one that we have is Nautica Thorn’s All Access. It’s basically taking what goes on behind the scenes [during a porn shoot] and putting it in between each sex scene, so you can watch what goes on behind the scenes before the sex scene starts, and then enjoy the results. It’s a reality-based porno. I didn’t want to just click on ‘bonus’ to see the behind-the-scenes footage; I wanted it to be intertwined with the movie.”

Hustler will serve as Thorn’s primary distributor for mobile, television, and DVD. “After I sent out the press release about forming my own company six months ago, there was a lot of interest from different companies. We had a few meetings with Hustler, and I just adore them,” Thorn said. “I’m very proud to be part of the family.”

The second movie planned for Thorn’s new Hustler release schedule takes its title from the performer's website, “It’s based on what you can see on my website, and the interaction I have with my fans online,” Thorn explained. “We already have the cast; it’s going to be porno guys looking at my website and imagining themselves fucking me, because that’s what you do on a porn site.”

Thorn wrote and produced her All Access video before securing a distribution deal. “It was my concept, and everybody thought it wasn’t a great one until the finished product,” she said. “When people finally saw it, they said, ‘it actually works.’ We’re going back to L.A. after the AVN show to figure out a release date. ”

For now, Thorn will continue working for other adult production companies, but she sees her production company and website as the top priorities in her career. “I see my company being my sole thing that I’m doing, eventually,” she said. “This is new to me, so I thought four would be a good number to start with. "

Photo of Thorn by Hewman Being.