Releases Four has released four new exclusive-content sites and a new webmaster tool.

The sites are,, Julie Jolie’s, and single-girl/alt site

“I personally oversee the quality and efforts dedicated to each project,” says Naughty Niche chief executive Emmanuelle. “Every site has its own stand-alone member area, and so must be worthy of retaining members long term on its own merits.

“Our sites contain original and exclusive content, shot with the member's special needs in mind,” she continues. “We accept member requests and bring their fantasies to life within a week or two, ensuring happy members who feel valued and stick around for a long time.”

In addition to the new sites, Naughty Niche has implemented new tools to make it easier for webmasters to promote all 14 sites in the program. A free hosted gallery list generator has been installed, and ready-made blog entries are available. Porn bloggers simply need to copy the HTML, insert their account numbers, and paste into their blogs, complete with hosted picture.

“The blogging phenomenon has enormous potential, and is something that we have been using to our advantage for quite a while,” says Emmanuelle.

Webmasters receive 60 percent of sales and rebills, as well as FHGs and downloadable zips of exclusive content.