Naughty Fantasies Fulfilled In Devils Film's ‘Saints & Sinners'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Seductive starlets Kendra Spade and Victoria Steffanie fantasize about the different sexual outcomes of their angelic-vs-sinful decisions in Devils Film's new release Saints & Sinners, and it's all presented through director Jim Powers’ lens. From romantic lovemaking to total slut-whore mode, this new 4K Ultra HD DVD showcases the versatility of the starlets’ on-camera performances, and includes Victoria Steffanie’s first-ever DP scene.

“We’re really proud to present Saints & Sinners from Devils Film,” said Pulse VP of Sales Maggie Metz. “The whole concept is different from the normal niches Devils is known for. My Pulse colleague, John St. Bong, came up with a great concept: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a sexual conscience—a good, angelic side, and a naughty, devilish side—competing for dominance in your head all the time? What would it be like if your favorite up-and-coming starlet had one, helping her make her erotic decisions? Kendra and Victoria loved the concept too, and it was fun to see what their end decisions were to the scenarios and costars presented to them.”

“Devils Film was really cool to let me take creative control,” said St. Bong. “From casting to wardrobe to editing to the box art, the whole process was a lot of work, but so much fun! I’ve always wanted to get into production, but the opportunity never presented itself. As VP of Sales, you get a feel for what consumers want from a retail perspective, but rarely get to try a concept out. Then, being invited to be on set to see that concept come to life—what a great experience! I’ve been invited numerous times by different directors, but never took them up on it. I can’t wait to go again; I learned a long time ago that opportunities are few and far between, so you have to seize the moment when it presents itself. We hope everyone loves Saints & Sinners; we’re certainly really proud of the film, and can’t wait to bring more new concepts to life.”

In Saints & Sinners, the two starlets enact their fantasies. In the first scene, Kendra is the perfect wife, in pure romantic bliss with her handsome rich hunk of a husband [Nathan Bronson]. Then, her naughty side is shown in the second scene, where she craves variety—the bigger the better, she thinks, and darker too—and is met with her perfect, slutty match when a big, strapping stud [Isiah Maxwell] personally delivers his hard-pounding BBC to her. Then, it’s Victoria’s turn. In her first scene, she fantasizes about a romantic afternoon with her TA from class [Mike Mancini], who wants nothing more than to make sweet, romantic love to her. Then, she lets herself go completely with wild, carnal abandon: when she realizes her sexual appetite can only be met with “more,” everybody and anybody is invited—and two strangers [Zak Wild and Cyrus King] respond to her call to have her holes filled, be fucked to oblivion, and covered in cum.

To view the box cover and synopsis for Saints & Sinners, click here.

In addition to the DVD release, Devils Film announces it will start releasing its 4K Ultra HD content on its paysite beginning November 13. Scenes from Devils releases shot in the format will be added to the content library as they become available; a free tour allows fans a limited number of scene previews. To view the new content, click here.

Retailers interested in stocking Saints & Sinners may contact Maggie Metz at [email protected] and/or call 818-435-1614, or contact an IVD Sales Representative.