Naughty America: The Game Banned From E3

Naughty America’s online multiplayer adult game, Naughty America: The Game, has been gaining quite a bit of national attention. It will not, however, be gaining anymore at the gaming industry’s annual tradeshow Mecca, E3.

Naughty America will not be allowed to participate in E3, due to what was described as “adult content.”

“We were very disappointed to learn of E3’s stance toward Naughty America: The Game,” says Noah Dudley, president of Eight Legs Inc., the entity overseeing the design and development of the game. “It’s the next step in social networking and online matchmaking. It’s certainly not intended for everyone, but then again neither are a number of the titles featured at the show.”

Although they won’t have a presence at E3, Naughty America: The Game recently received mainstream press coverage from MSNBC, CNN, Fox News (here), and USA Today.

The game is due to launch this summer.