Naughty America: The Game

Naughty America announced today its first venture into the world of online gaming with Naughty America: The Game.

Developed by Safe Escape Studios, Naughty America: The Game is the first of its kind – a massively multiplayer online world that allows players to do what they’ve always wanted to, be naughty.

“Naughty America has built its reputation as an adult entertainment network that provides a lineup of TV-like programming, similar to that of a mainstream television network,” says Dusty L, spokesman for Naughty America. “We’re now expanding this high quality entertainment into an area that’s long overdue, that of online gaming and social networking. Mind you, the game will not replace adult films or self-satisfaction. But, it does offer the opportunity for all adults, women and men alike, to engage in an online game without being tech-savvy. It’s fun and simple.”

Scheduled to go live in the Spring of 2006, Naughty America: The Game is a new twist on the world of online dating, combining in-game chat functionality with real-world profiles along with a heaping dose of entertaining games and exploration features. The gameplay begins with the creation a unique fantasy persona by choosing from different body types, skin tones, and clothing options. Choices can be changed or modified at any time by visiting plastic surgeons, clothing shops, hair salons, tattoo parlors and other in-game hot spots.

Next up, players embark on world-exploration. The game features three different neighborhoods, each with their own distinct flavor. Downtown offers gritty nightlife, back alleys, sex shops, video arcades, and loft apartments. Uptown has outdoor cafes, a stunning central park, a casino, and luxury condo accommodations. The Beach offers boardwalk games and activities, a cruise ship getaway, poolside bars and clubs, swimming, and seaside housing.

Players can indulge their romantic side and take part in special activities like carriage rides, the city skywalk, a ferris wheel spin, or a night out dancing in one of the world’s many nightclubs and bars. For the truly adventurous, the Sex Mode awaits.