Naughty America Now iPod-Ready

All of Naughty America’s episodes are now available in iPod-ready format.

NA’s members can load their video iPods with recent Naughty America episodes without having to download and figure out programs that will convert videos to MP4. Popular past episodes are also being formatted as time permits.

“We concluded that encoding content for the iPod and other portable devices was simple enough,” says Naughty America’s post-production director, Tim S, “and we’ve been podcasting non-nude material – which we call ‘Naughty Bites’ – to the general public free of charge since the onset of the whole iPod frenzy.

“Now we are encoding full-length, hardcore episodes, and we just can’t justify milking our members by offering them the privilege of paying extra for something that doesn’t require any extra time or effort,” he continues. “We don’t mind going the extra mile for our members. They are good to us, and it’s our pleasure to give them what they deserve.”