Naughty America Giving Away Trip to Curacao

Naughty America has announced that it will be giving away the very last spot to the sold out trip to Curacao in the Caribbean for the October Klixxx and Epoch Island Gathering. The trip will be given away in the next month to whoever sends the most sales to Naughty America’s latest site American Day Dreams.

This contest is open to anyone, but if you want to be able to get an edge in the contest you will need to become a Gold Affiliate. Please contact Mark “Ace” as soon as you can to become one at [email protected]

There are 150 spots available for this gathering. Only the first place winner can win the trip to Curacao, but that does not mean you have to be a top webmaster to compete. The second place winner will win a spot on the Hun for a chance to use their quality traffic to make more money with Naughty America.

The island gathering in Curacao happens once a year and is for the elite in the adult industry, making it one of the harder and more expensive shows to go to. The contest prize includes one all-inclusive Curacao Island gathering package and a plane ticket worth up to $700.

For the second place winner, the traffic on the Hun will be either the number one spot or something below that depending on the winner’s preference. This will be provided by Cybercat Inc, be for any Naughty America site of the winner’s choosing and will need to be claimed within one month after the contest.

To be a Naughty America affiliate, go to