Naughty America Exhibits New Interactive Game

Comfy bean bags dot the carpeted area in front of a big screen TV at the “house” of Naughty America.

“No one’s going to leave this area and say, ‘I don’t remember seeing Naughty America’s booth,'” said Dusty L.

For the first time, fans will be able to see a presentation of Naughty America: The Game, a PC interactive “social networking” experience. Dusty said the game has been compared to “The Simms,” but said, “It’s not necessarily the Simms; it’s cooler than that.

“It’s a fully animated world; players can interact in different locales like a bar or park,” he explained.

Players can create profiles for themselves and interact with other players, including actual porn stars, whose profiles are locked into the game.

“The game isn’t meant to be erotic,” Dusty pointed out. “We have made it as realistic as we could get it.”

Game participants can chat and interact via webcams, even have online sex in the game. And although players can create lifelike profiles of themselves, they can also create profiles of fantasy versions of themselves.

“You can visit a tattoo artist or a plastic surgeon in the game,” he said. Dusty also explained the game’s security features: credit card age verification and background checks and their exclusive six-month contract with Century, which provides background checks on players.

Those safety features and the game’s female designer reflect Dusty’s aim in targeting the female market. “We’ve done everything we could do to make the game secure for a female audience,” he said.

Dusty said they’re also excited about their distribution deal with Pure Play Media, announced in November, and their plans to release four DVDs each month. This month’s titles are Naughty Bookworms, Latin Adultery, My Friend’s Hot Mom and SoCal Coeds. Visit Naughty America at booth 7051.