NATS Adds ChargeMeLater

ChargeMeLater, the processing company with the federally approved program for monetizing declines, has been added as a processing option to the NATS back-end affiliate software suite.

With ChargeMeLater, cascading billing in NATS becomes even more robust, giving webmasters the ability to generate revenue from declined traffic. Working behind the scenes, the CML gateway opens after each declined transaction, giving potential clients the ability to pay for membership electronically through electronic bank transfer or via regular mail with a check or money order.

Recently, CML dramatically increased its payouts. An ongoing special began at this month’s Internext, with the payout for monthly sign-ups jumping from $6 for each approved transaction to $15 for each approved transaction.

“CML succeeds because it offers webmasters a new opportunity to generate revenue,” says Stephane Touboul, founder of ChargeMeLater. “NATS clients will now benefit from this opportunity. By implementing CML, now all NATS clients can turn their declines into profits and generate an additional revenue stream.”

John Albright, chief executive and founder of Too Much Media, the parent company of NATS, added, “NATS was created to help webmasters build more wealth with maximum efficiency. CML will be enormously attractive to our existing and future clients.”