National A-1 Internet Launches MovieDollars.Com

Phone and adult entertainment provider National A-1 launched this week, a complimentary Website to their popular site.

"MovieDollars is the main entry point for making money with the family of sites," National A-1 project coordinator James A. Seibert told "Webmasters, studios and retail shop owners come to this site for sales tools, usage statistics, movie card distribution and news on the business. We have some of the greatest names on the net. Now we have one of the best affiliate programs for marketing pay per minute and video on demand Internet sites." is designed to let Webmasters manage traffic, easily build custom theaters, and take advantage of National A-1’s promotional tools, including a variety of free minute programs, providing free time to customers on phone lines, and flexible distribution plans for free minutes movie cards.

"We’ve had a great time building into a customer friendly, fully redundant, pay-per-minute, and video on demand site," added Seibert. "A multitude of lucrative marketing opportunities are available depending on the nature of your business. Our pre-paid movie cards can be used as package inserts or giveaways. Existing customers can get free minutes or set up custom theaters to keep their customers and traffic by promoting their own site. We also have hosted galleries with 40 different niche categories, free phone sex, and other incentives to encourage the end user to buy the largest packages."

Webmasters who sign up now receive a 25 percent commission on every sale for the life of the customer, in-depth reporting and statistical analysis, an individual account representative, and Website review and marketing analysis.