Examines America’s Relationship With Sex

LOS ANGELES—Chanel Preston has launched her own web series on sexuality and social issues, called Naked With Chanel. In the series, which has described as an “awesome sex-positive webseries,” Preston examines America’s relationship with sex through candid conversation, reflective commentary and street polling. The series’ website,, features the first episode, titled “Where Do We Learn About Sex?” 

“It’s not always easy shedding yourself of negative or misguided attitudes towards sex, but I’m here to help you with that,” states Preston in the episode’s opening. “Are you ready to strip yourself of all that unwanted mental clothing to find out what it really means to expose yourself? Then come with me and get naked.” 

In order to finance the sex-positive web series, Preston has taken to fundraising website Preston’s 2013 campaign was able to generate enough to build the series’ website and film a few episodes, but Naked With Chanel needs support to continue to provide a free platform for men and women to discuss and learn about sex in a fun and comfortable way. 

Preston asks for people to watch the first episode of the series and if they are inspired by its message to donate to Naked With Chanel here.

“Where Do We Learn About Sex?” takes Preston around Los Angeles, as she approaches strangers on the street and asks their opinions on sex education and resources in America. 

“We are exposed to sex, but we are not exposed to sexual knowledge,” comments Preston. “Just because you watch Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t mean you know your way around the O.R. We are constantly being influenced in more ways than you think about sex, and not just the act itself, but also your social attitudes.” features each episode of the series, in addition to biographical information on Chanel Preston, a Q & A section for visitors to ask questions of the show’s host, Preston’s blog, and Naked News, which includes Preston’s opinion on various media headlines involving sex.