Nacho Vidal Arrested in Chinese Mob Sting

SPAIN—Adult star and director Nacho Vidal was one of 80 people arrested today when Spanish police raided Chinese mob-affiliated money-laundering businesses in multiple raids following a two-year investigation.

Hundreds of police were involved in the raids in Madrid and Barcelona that ensnared Vidal and Chinese mobsters "with warrants to search 120 properties belonging to those suspected of laundering money from prostitution and extortion," according to reports.

"The national police is carrying out a major operation against money-laundering and other crimes linked to criminal networks of Chinese origin in various provinces of Spain," said Spanish authorities in an official statement.

Operation Emperor seized $7.8 million in cash and the network is alleged to have laundered between 200,000 and 300,000 euros a year through various schemes including prostitution and counterfeit goods while dodging taxes, bribing officials, and forging documents while sending the laundered money back to China.

Vidal is suspected of operating a company that took part in the money laundering, a court official told the Associated Foreign Press.