N.W.A.'s DJ Yella Keeping It Real for Elegant Angel

DJ Yella, one of the original founding members of the infamous rap/hip-hop group N.W.A., has just finished shooting and editing his first film for Elegant Angel Productions called DJ Yella's Real-2-Reel.

Yella, who has been shooting adult movies for years under a pseudonym ("Tha Kidd"), has recently started shooting films using his N.W.A. moniker. Engaged in a partnership with his former bodyguard, Big Man, the duo has shot over 250 films since the beginning of their adult careers in 1994. Their first company was called Lo-Key Productions.

Yella does not perform in his movies, but does all of the camerawork and editing himself.

DJ Yella's Real-2-Reel is a movie that allows viewers to spend a day in the life with the famous producer as he rides around and coaxes girls to get "freaky" for him.

Citing his preference for natural women, Yella adds, "We are taking it from "Real" life to the "Reel", which is what makes it good. We are keepin' it real."

"I would rather do a few good quality films, instead of the same old stuff. This project was a lot of fun. I'm shocked at how interested this company is....they actually watch the films and are interested in it. I'm looking forward to doing more with them," said Yella on working with Elegant Angel

Yella and Big Man will begin shooting the second installment of Real-2-Reel soon, with the first in the series to be in stores by May 6.