Mystique Magazine Unveils Wireless Plans With Brickhouse

Adult industry wireless solution provider Brickhouse Mobile announced a worldwide mobile entertainment distribution pact with Mystique Magazine, a company specializing in entertainment for people who love beautiful women.

Mystique mobile content will launch in the U.S. and abroad in October, with products including exclusive video clips from Mystique Magazine’s television programming and DVD series, as well as mobile wallpapers from its international photo shoots.

Mystique specializes in photographing on location in worldwide locales, like the top of Alaskan glaciers, Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti, Prague, Roatan, Belize, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mystique Magazine’s website will direct existing fans to a Mystique-branded wireless access protocol (WAP) site designed and managed by Brickhouse Mobile. Fans also can access Mystique content through either Java or BREW applications on authorized carrier decks throughout the world. Consumers may download content through a monthly subscription or a la carte.

Age verification will include the use of a credit card and user information registered via the Mystique-branded website and WAP site.

“The Mystique brand is synonymous with beauty – from the stunning women to the exotic locations, they transcend any medium,” says L.R. Clinton Fayling, president of Brickhouse Mobile. “We look forward to working with such a venerable brand and will strive to capture their look and feel in this new format—the most personal of all viewing experiences, the mobile phone.”

Kevin King, Mystique Magazine’s executive producer, says, “We have dabbled in the mobile arena for a few years now, but Brickhouse Mobile has all the right technology and agreements in place to really help the Mystique brand explode in the mobile market. Mobile is one of the last frontiers we have not established a strong presence in, and it’s one of the most exciting with a lot of potential for the Mystique brand and fans getting to experience Mystique on a very personal and one-to-one level.”