Debuts First Horror-Themed Celeb Site: has launched the Internet’s first-ever all-horror-themed celeb site,

Prepare to jack your lantern to howlingly hot scream queens, voluptuous vampire vixens, and all manner of supernaturally sexy starlets who go hump in the night.

“Some people watch horror movies for hair-raising sights,” says Mr. Skin, “while I’ve always been drawn to terrifying entertainment for the bloody sexy beauties that raise another part of my anatomy. With all of them collected in my new way-out, one-stop warehouse, will get you stiff as a corpse—but only in the place that counts.”

Horror film fans have forever fallen head-over-bat wings for the bewitching babes who mix pulse-pounding thrills with blood-curdling chills. Now they’ll be singing “Fangs for the Mammaries” as assembles a terrifyingly tantalizing array of actresses from macabre motion pictures spanning the entire spectrum of cinema—from fright icons such as Elvira, Linnea Quigley, and Linda Blair to Hollywood starlets who appeared in just a single scare title (e.g., Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, Anne Heche in Psycho) to an ever-expanding roster of slasher victims, demonically possessed innocents, living-dead lesbians, and sensual sorceresses.

In short, presents the complete skinny on the fear-film appearances of any starlet who’s made it chic to shriek. follows’s previous niche-starlet success stories:,,, and