Mr. Pete Launches New Series

Performer/director Mr. Pete is a busy man these days. The non-exclusive man about the Valley currently directs for Hustler, Excessive Entertainment/VCA and New Sensations.

He currently directs the Mr. Pete Is Unleashed series for New Sensations but will be directing the first edition of an as-yet-untitled series for the company.

“It’s going to involve pussy fucking with a toy added — almost like a double penetration,” Pete told “There’s going to be toys and fingers and that. I love girls so much. With toys, it's like, extra great. New Sensations is a wonderful company and [company owner] Scott Taylor is beyond fair.”

Pete’s also having fun at Hustler and VCA, saying, “[Production manager] Marc Kramer has been very good to me. It’s all good over there. The money is good and the business is good.”

For those companies, Pete currently directs the lines Bitches In Heat, Ass Fukt and the one he considers the most fun to shoot, Who’s The Bitch Now?, a fem-dom line.

“I wanted people to see it on the flipside where the girls destroy me and my friends so I’ve got the girls tying up the guys, smacking them and spitting on them and doing all the rough stuff that happens to the girls in some of the movies. I was getting off to the girl doing that to me,” Pete said.

His new VCA series will be a pro-am series, Breaking In The New Chick and an interracial series, Fuck Me Harder White Boy.

“I just love the black girls and my movie is all white guys who really, really love to fuck black girls. Every guy in this — Mark Davis, Mark Wood and myself — really likes black girls a lot and that goes a long way,” Pete said.

Pete’s been enjoying his growth as a performer, saying, “It used to be all about being rough with the girls because that’s what the companies wanted but now, I just want to kiss and make love to the girl and some directors think that just because I have done the rough stuff so long that that’s what I want to do every time. I started out a boy in this business at 19 and now I’m 25 and there are things I can read about women now that I never could before. I’m very happy right now.”