Mr. Marcus to Host Second Talent Meeting Next Week; Wants Bigger Names to Attend

Frustrated by the dearth of A-list talent that showed up at a meeting he hosted earlier this week in response to the industry HIV crisis, Mr. Marcus will chair a second gathering next week in hopes of attracting more bigger-name performers.

Next Tuesday’s meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m. at STR8-Up Studios in Northridge, where the first meeting occurred. “And it’s strictly, strictly, strictly for talent only,” Marcus, a veteran performer/director, stressed to Friday.

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“There’s a large group of performers out there that have a voice and that aren’t saying anything,” he explained. “They just need an opportunity to. There’s a lot of performers who care who haven’t really spoken up.

“Talent that’s been around in this business for a while. Substantial talent. There were some there [at this week’s meeting Monday night], but not enough. And no disrespect to those who just got in the business. They’re welcome too.”

“We want to create something out of this,” Marcus said. “Some real good. A group of individuals who are talent that continuously monitors and keeps the positive things going. Keep the testing right. Keep the information accurate. Keep it truthful.”

Str8-Up Studios can be contacted at 818-709-4935 for its address.