Mr. Marcus, Ron Jeremy Shooting Mainstream Comedy

SPOKANE, Wash. - Ron Jeremy and fellow porn actor Mr. Marcus are currently shooting a mainstream film in Spokane called Finding Bliss. Slated for 2008 release, the North by Northwest production stars Leelee Sobieski, Jamie Kennedy, Denise Richards and Kristen Johnston.

Marcus told AVN he has been on location for two weeks of the 20-day shoot. "We play almost a fictionalized version of Wicked," he told AVN. "We're actors who take our lines really serious, rehearse the script, do a read-through - that was funny. Then you got Jamie Kennedy [as] 'Dick Harder,' this character who is not the brightest dude in the world.

"It's a parody of myself and reality," Marcus said. "I've got a sex scene with one of the girls ... it's going to be like a Maxim model."

"He gets to bump and grind with a girl, the lucky bastard," said Jeremy. "One of my favorite actresses, he's going be humping. Lucky little prick. If she says to him, 'Put it in anyway,' I will definitely go kill myself."

Added Marcus, "It's just funny ... ironic ... on a real set with real actors, making fun of what you do in real life, but in a professional way. It's going to be funny, but it's going to be credible."

Jeremy also appears in a brief but amusing sports store commercial with UFC fighter Chuck Liddell that's available for viewing on

"We do a fight scene," Ron explained. "He's one of the greatest fighters in the world ... but no match for my roundhouse kick, you know. Naturally, I have to win, because it's not funny if he wins."

To see the commercial, click here.