Mr. Marcus Launches Daddy Inc. Clothing Line

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Veteran performer Mr. Marcus has launched his own original clothing line called Daddy, Inc. The budding entrepreneur’s new company offers everything from leisure pants to tank tops to t-shirts, in men, women and children’s sizes.

“A lot of the stuff is leisure wear,” Marcus explained to AVN. “It’s stuff that you can just feel comfortable in…throw it on and go shopping or something. Some of it is made for strippers and porno chicks, ‘cause I have a lot of friends that are strippers and porno chicks.”

Marcus said he’s been hard at work on the line for the last year and a half: “We finished the paperwork in December of 2007, and started to have the clothes ready in February. The site,, just launched last week, so everything is up and running now.”

Marcus sees the brand as a combination of Playboy and Hustler. “I would say I embody the aspects of Playboy, and I’m definitely a hustler,” he laughed. “Daddy, Inc. basically came out of being a father figure. I’m a daddy in real life, and I’ve always been driven by the idea of what it means to be a father. It came out of always guiding and being guided, at the same time.”    

All of the articles bear the company insignia, with two brand: BadDaddy for men, and DaddyGirl for women. Marcus also has the luxury of having porn beauties Aurora Jolie and Jada Fire as his spokes models. The performer said that they will join him in a couple of upcoming magazine photo shoots for mainstream urban publications, King and As Is.

“I already have a handful of orders and they keeping coming in. I’m not gonna lie, this is a lot of work. Basically, when I’m not on set, my life evolves around this stuff. Either I’m on the radio or I’m throwing a party…and I have stacks of Daddy Inc. clothes all over my office. And I want everyone to know I’m busting my ass…this is my own money and my own time.”

As a porn performer, Marcus said he thinks he’s in a unique position to market the clothes. “I have one of the best possible resources to sell clothes; porn chicks and the porn industry. The industry has been great so far. Vivid let me wear my stuff through the entire shoot for the last movie I was in with them. That’s great advertising.

“A lot of people who have been familiar with porn at all over the last thirteen years, think of me in the bedroom, fucking,” continued Marcus. “I mean, I’ve been in this industry a long time, so there are a lot of people out there who have basically grown up watching me fuck. But I also want to send a good message. I always tell guys, ‘you want to be a bad motherfucker? Go ahead and go out there and get yours, that’s great…but also handle your business. That’s what Daddy, Inc. is all about.”

Marcus said that as the weather gets colder, the company will start marketing hoodies and sweatshirts. “I also want to start integrating the clothes in a lot more productions, especially black-on-black features…now that those are starting to emerge. I want to get to a point when we’re able to give back to all of the great fathers out there. Every Father’s Day I’ll be throwing a party, in honor of them.”   

The line is available at