Movixo Adds Networking With Movixo Friendz

Movixo has added an adult networking element to its online adult DVD rental service with the preview launch of Movixo Friendz.

The Friendz feature allows subscribers to invite other subscribers to join their network and then share movie reviews and ratings. Non-subscribers are invited in the same email to join Movixo with a free two-week trial of the service.

Friendz content can be accessed from a special section of the site, where users can view movies that people in their network have recently rated highly or hated. This content also is integrated into sections around the site, with Friendz ratings and “quickie reviews” – short reviews viewable only by Friendz – available on each movie’s description page.

“The idea is to get people to continue using the site and share their love of adult movies with their friends,” says Eli T, founder and CEO of Movixo. “While there are so many flicks to choose from, sometimes it’s not that easy to pick the right one. Therefore, a good recommendation from a friend always helps. Like everything else in life, you always want to have an idea about something before you do it, buy it, or get it.”

The feature provides added value to Movixo subscribers by giving a free lifetime membership to members who keep five qualified Friendz or more in their network.