'Morning After' Goes Live Fri. With Kimberly Kane, More

LOS ANGELES—Comedians Jake Weisman and Eli Olsberg bring the inaugural season of their porn-themed show The Morning After ... Podcast to a close Friday night by taking it live at Meltdown Comics, with adult star Kimberly Kane and comic Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) appearing as the featured guests.

Since last April, new episodes of The Morning After have been posted online each Monday morning, with an array of adult industry professionals from both in front of and behind the camera joining the show, as well as other comics. For Friday's event, former guests Bobbi Starr, Andy San Dimas and the show's very first visitor, Dana DeArmond, will be returning, as will Ed Salazar (Web Soup), Renee Gauthier (Chelsea Lately) and Kumail Nanjiani (The Late Show With David Letterman).

The Morning After, Weisman told AVN, examines the adult industry from a "laid-back and sociological approach, but obviously with humor injected throughout."

Explaining that he and Olsberg knew each other well from the L.A. stand-up circuit before creating the show, Weisman said, "We were frustrated by how people in porn were portrayed and treated by the mainstream media. We both found the industry to be a much more interesting, entrepreneurial place than people gave it credit for. Eli and I are definitely fans of not only pornography, but big supporters of anyone's right to engage in or produce pornography. Both of us find the taboo of porn to be ridiculous. It's just sex, and everybody does it, and people should probably just calm down."

Interestingly, Weisman also claimed a decidedly alternate viewpoint on the subject shared by Olsberg and himself from what you'd expect out of two dudes: "We both are fairly well-versed in feminist studies, as Eli was a Women's Studies minor in college and I have three sisters, a mother, two female cats, and a penchant for hating alpha males." 

Weisman cited the film Boogie Nights as a major turning point for the de-tabooing of public discourse on porn. "I felt like it was one of the first instances where it seemed OK for people to discuss porn, and not just think it was evil," he said. "So, although I have always been someone who watched porn, after Boogie Nights I found myself watching documentaries on porn, and wanting to know more about the industry. Eli, I believe, watched porn from a young age, and has always wanted to write about the porn industry, but wasn't sure what the correct medium would be. The podcast seemed like the ideal place for him to discuss and learn about the industry."

In addition to the star-studded lineup of Friday's Morning After presentation, Weisman said the show will include "a raffle with all sorts of fun things that various companies and people from the industry have given us, and we have a new segment called 'Fast-Forward the Plot or Not?' where we bring up comedians to watch scenes from a few mainstream adult films, and discuss whether we want to watch the movie or fast-forward straight to the sex scenes. It's going to have a Mystery Science Theater 3000 vibe and humor."

Meltdown Comics is located at 7522 Sunset Blvd. The show begins at 8pm. Advance tickets are available for $10 at the Meltdown website, and will be $12 at the door.