Morgan Dayne Debuts in Cezar Capone's 'Deviant'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Cezar Capone's Deviant featuring the debut of his first contract girl Morgan Dayne is hitting the street today through Pulse Distribution exclusively on DVD.

"We want to support the retailer and distributor," said Howard Levine, the sales manager for Capone's rising brand of hardcore. "In the old school days the retailer and the distributor had something no one else has."

Capone packed seven sex scenes into the two-disc set that shows the 18-year-old Dayne's progress as a budding starlet. He includes Dayne's first sex scene and most recent scene that kicks off the movie.

"You'll get to see the perfect development of her character. That's why I put out her very first scene," said Capone, who visited the AVN offices last week on a road trip from his headquarters in South Florida.

Capone is busier than ever as he prepares to launch several new projects as well as continue building his affiliate program CezarCash. He'll be hosting a party this Saturday night at Solid Gold during Internext.

"We're excited over here at the home office," Levine continued. "... Five thousand pieces out the door is just about impossible these days. So now it's just beyond the impossible and looking into the actual outer limit zone.

"I think everybody is looking for the new guy on the block and we're definitely here to deliver."

Capone, who has a penchant for meeting future adult talent on the street, is now looking for another contract girl to add to the stable. No experience is required and Capone will even pay a finder's fee if an agent brings him his next exclusive girl. He said this showcase for Dayne is an example of the type of project he can build around a contract girl.

Dayne is already turning heads as she appeared at Swingfest in Hollywood, Fla., last weekend, signing autographs for two days for an enthusiastic crowd.

For sales, contact Levine at (866) 466-6969, ext. 107 or email [email protected]

Pictured: Francia, Morgan Dayne, Delishass and Caprice.