Monarchy Signs Get Shot Girls to Distro Deal

LOS ANGELES—Get Shot Girls, the Sacramento punk rock band that made headlines last week after posting a video online of bassist Laura Lush masturbating on the front lawn of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, has entered into a deal to release its own brand of unique adult material on DVD through Monarchy Distribution.

"The response to the Westboro Fingerbang Video has been unbelievable," Monarchy owner Mike Kulich said. "People from around the world have bombarded the band with their praise and approval. I have had the opportunity to talk with all the band members including JP, Jillian and the star herself, Laura Lush, and we are all excited to take their public masturbation antics to the next level."

The original video is featured on XVideos and has received over a half million views.

"When I finally got to talk to the band I realized there was a lot of potential in signing them," Kulich added. "This isn't just some flash in the pan 3-minute video. Get Shot has been filming professional quality content for a while. They shoot quality stills and are completely legit. This is a match made in porno heaven."

The band's follow-up scene is in the works, and involves another public masturbation session at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant.

The planned debut DVD from Get Shot Girls will be 70-minute video including the Westboro scene as well as other sexy punk rock groupies engaging in similar antics. The release will be a two-disc set including a CD of Get Shot's music.

JP Hunter, Get Shot's vocalist and the cameraman who captured the Westboro scene, commented, "This is amazing and a dream come true! We are beyond stoked to work with Monarchy and plan to give the world plenty of punk rock smut."

The DVD/CD combo is slated for release in January.

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Pictured: JP Hunter.