'Miss Jones' Has a Store!

HOLLYWOOD—For those who are wondering what's happened to Georgina Spelvin, star of the original Devil in Miss Jones, since the completion of her last book tour, she's back in L.A. and blogging again at Georgina's World—and she's managed to hook up with a web designer and fulfillment company to open her own online store!

"OK all you faithful who have been nagging me for the past umpteen years," the First Lady of Adult Cinema writes on her blog, "there are finally Georgina Spelvin 'keepsakes' available, thanks to enterprising entrepreneur, Steve Lopez."

This isn't, Georgina is quick to point out, the Steve Lopez who's an L.A. Times columnist; just another businessman who runs a company called Big Mean Lady, which is offering "The Devil Made Me Do It—What's Your Excuse?" T-shirts and mousepads—the inspiration, of course, being Spelvin's autobiography, The Devil Made Me Do It, which is also available from the store, and customers can also get a personally autographed mug with the same logo.

"And here I am. Personally signing all the mugs. Yep. Each and every damn one," Spelvin writes in one photo caption.

But that's not all the Justine Jones news. Seems Spelvin has spent the last month or so recording an oral version of the autobiography for iNetSynch, a high-end producer of audio/video podcasts, audio books and e-books, which will be releasing the work in one or more of those formats as well.

And finally, this past week, Spelvin went under the knife for cataract removal—but you can read all about that on her website.