Now Allowing Free Submissions, an adult-focused pixel marketing site similar to, now allows free site submissions.

After initially trying to sell the slots for $1 per pixel, manager Marc Jarrett has opened up advertising to anyone, as long as he deems the content compelling. Instead of ad revenue, Jarrett plans to collect by signing up as an affiliate of the sites who take up space on MillionPixxx.

“This way, everyone can share in the project with no investment and yet have common interest in helping the site succeed. In the unlikely event that it does, everyone profits, and I profit the most,” Jarrett says.

He feels the concept of a random mosaic-style Web page crammed full of a broad spectrum of adult entertainment is sound and a potential bookmark for surfers.

Once the page is populated with a decent amount of ads, a targeted business-to-consumer campaign will begin to attract surfers to the site.

“This is an open architecture project,” says Jarrett. “Sales are at zero; stats are available for all to see on site.”

An AVS page geo-targeted in 35 languages will be added shortly.