Mile High Media Looking for Girl/Girl Contract Star

Mile High Media, the parent company of Doghouse Digital, is actively searching for the right porn starlet to award a girl/girl exclusive performance contract.

Jon B, the general manager of Doghouse Digital who is overseeing the talent search, describes the “right” porn starlet as “a girl that stands out as a dynamic sexual performer, but also has a good head on her shoulders and is an effective communicator. Part of the job is having lots of hot and sweaty girl on girl action, but the other part of the job is participating in a variety of promotions ranging from media appearances to in-stores.

“And of course, we’re only interested in girls that have a genuine sexual interest in other girls; real bisexual or lesbian women.”

The terms of the contract require the performer to turn in a certain amount of girl/girl scenes over the course of a year. As previously mentioned, dependent upon the abilities of the performer, the contract may call for the performer to direct a set number of movies for additional remuneration.

In addition, the contract girl will become the centerpiece of a marketing campaign for an as yet unannounced project that Mile High intends to introduce this fall. “I can’t say exactly what we’re doing yet, but we’re confident it’s something that will be warmly received by the porn loving public,” said B.

Interested talent or their authorized representatives should contact Jon B at [email protected].