Mile High Media Launches Sweet Sinner Video

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Mile High Media, parent company of popular girl/girl studio Sweetheart Video, will introduce a new boy/girl imprint, Sweet Sinner Video, at AEE 2009.  Sweet Sinner will mirror the Sweetheart Video philosophy of real sex, real orgasms, and soap-opera style story lines, according to Nica Noelle, who will be directing the Sweet Sinner videos.

Jon B., Mile High's general manager, said, "The success of Sweetheart has proven to us that fans want to see real intimacy and real sex. There's no reason to limit that to girl/girl films."

"The timing is right for this," Noelle added. "Fans are sick of what's out there, and they're asking us to lead the way."

Performers who have worked for Sweet Sinner Video echo their sentiments.

"Finally-boy/girl movies with a heart!" said legendary performer Nina Hartley. "Since I started shooting adult video back in 1984 the movies have become pretty boring and formulaic: oral sex both ways, three positions and a pop shot. Yawn." 

Hartley, who has performed for both Sweetheart and Sweet Sinner, praised Noelle and Blitt as innovators. "These movies are for fans who crave real feelings and real connection between the performers," she said.

Male performer Alan Stafford, who has starred in two Sweet Sinner feature films, including Noelle's The Stepmother: Sinful Seductions, is also a believer.

"My scenes with Sweet Sinner are real," Stafford said. "When I watch porn there are those rare scenes I find that make me say, 'That girl isn't faking it, she's loving it.' That's what [Sweet Sinner's] aim is-to create scenes you can watch over and over because they have something the others lack.

"I love what they are doing. And I hope it catches on."

For more information and sales, contact Jon B or Wilma G at 1-800-363-0133 or [email protected] or [email protected]